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Download Free OCX files for Visual Basic
All These ActiveX controls are Freewares.
To learn how to Install/Uninstall ActiveX controls Read This.

Tree Folders Explorer 1.1 VBTown More info Download
Let the user browse for files and directories, like in windows explorer. Full source code included.
MB BrowseForFolder Control & Library Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
If you want to show the "Browse for Folder" dialog in your own application, this is the tool for you. It enables you to change any dialog's property, such as its caption, foreground color, font, TreeView styles (HotTracking, SingleClickExpand, LinesAtRoot and so on), a textbox to manually type the folder name, and a label control to display the currently selected folder. You can also decide to display folders only, folders and file, printers or the Internet neighborhood.
Elliptic Button VBTown More info Download
Exactly like the original command button, except it has elliptic shape. Full source code included.
Hover Button VBTown More info Download
This command button will change its color and/or its picture and/or its caption, when the mouse cursor will be over it. Full source code included.
VFOutBar Vision Factory - Download
Create Outlook-like Buttons.
VFButton Vision Factory - Download
Round Command Button.
Shaper VBTown More info Download
Easily design the shape of many controls with this control (command buttons, text boxes, forms, etc.) Full source code included.
Gradient VBTown More info Download
Paint your forms and picture boxes with dithered colors (like most of the setup screens). Full source code included.
Gradient Title Bar VBTown More info Download
Easily make gradient title bars. Full source code included.
Gradient Label VBTown ScreenShot Download
This Label can display 3D Text. You can set the text gradient color, text size, font type, 3D depth and background picture. It also has all standard label's properties and events. Full source code include.
Multi Control VBTown More info Download
Let you open and close CD-Rom drive, get MP3 file tag, hide the icons on your desktop, and more... Full source code included.

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