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Visual Basic Source Code For Download
In this section you will find programs made in VB with their full source code for download

Solitaire 3.0 Michael Bertrand Download
This example show how to drag a card across the screen and drop it on its destination. The card sticks there if appropriate but automatically walks back to its original location if not (like in solitaire)
Winsock Downloader 3.0 Eric Malamisura Download
Lets you download any file from the internet (Binary, ASCII, Text) any size. Features the ability to resume the download if it was stopped or even pause it in the middle of transaction. No Controls needed except Winsock.ocx. Also shows every known type of information about the download needed (Time Left, KBps, Elapsed Time, Progress, Amount Downloaded, Amount Left, etc.)
Image HotSpots 4.0 Michael Bertrand Download
Make image HotSpots, that can be dragged to resize the image.
MineSweeper 4.0 Microsoft Download
MineSweeper game.
Icon Editor 4.0 Microsoft Download
Complete program for creating and editing icons.
3D Maze 4.0 James L. Dean Download
The game generate a random 3D maze, and the user have to solve it.
Outline Picture 4.0 Gilles Saunier Download
This example demonstrates how to turn a picture to a coloring book image.
Dissolve Picture 4.0 N/A Download
Dissolve picture to another picture.
Save Picture To Database 4.0 N/A Download
This sample code will show you how to save and load picture files from database.
Windows 95/98 Manager 4.0 Ali Ezzahir Download
This program allow you to Launch every item from the control panel (Add/Remove program, regional settings, etc.), launch Windows explorer, 'Find File', Registry Editor, and more.
Bitmap Flood-Fill 4.0 Gilles Saunier Download
This program will show you How to flood-fill a picture area with a bitmap using API functions.

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