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Professional Visual Basic 6 Databases

Title Professional Visual Basic 6 Databases
Author Charles Williams
Publisher   Wrox Press, Inc.


Professional Visual Basic 6 Databases provides some of the latest thinking about creating business objects using Visual Basic (VB) 6 and MTS on the Microsoft platform. This book is perfect for readers with previous VB experience who want to bring their skills up to speed with today's three-tiered architectures.

Besides describing how to create useful VB 6 objects that work in conjunction with MTS for transaction support, this book includes two standout sections. First, its introduction to using SQL includes not only a guide to the basics but also a thorough tour of joins, grouping options, and stored procedures. Another excellent chapter shows off the basics of data warehouses, along with the Microsoft Dimension and Cube wizards used to generate them on SQL Server 7.

The overall shape of this book starts with using Microsoft tools to build an older-style two-tiered VB application. Next, it's a state-of-the-art three-tiered approach where VB 6 runs objects on the middle tier using ADO, MTS, and SQL Server stored procedures on the back end. (The author also shows off some useful tips for optimizing network traffic with remote objects.) The book closes with an ASP-based example for an e-commerce shopping cart, bringing the whole book around to today's thin client, browser-based interfaces. Handy reference sections provide quick lookups for all ADO objects.

Overall, Professional Visual Basic 6 Databases delivers a solid tutorial geared toward the intermediate VB programmer. It's all you need to be productive with Microsoft's "official" three-tiered approach for building robust applications. --Richard Dragan.

Topics covered: ADO, ODBC, and SQL basics; two- and three-tiered architectures; SQL Server 6.5/7.0 stored procedures and triggers; Microsoft data warehousing; MOLAP, ASPs, and deployment.

Customer Reviews:

The only book you'll need to develop database applications, February 8, 2000
Reviewer: Farhat Chaudhry from Fremont, CA
This is an excellent book if you want to learn and build good client server applications. It starts by building the basic concepts about databases which is very important if you want to have a good database design. It then progresses on to more complex and interesting issues such as 2-tier, 3-tier and n-tier system. It also provides an excellent view of the SQL Server 7 as well as other technologies that you need to be a good enterprise developer. The only thing it doesn't touch is the Visual Modeler tool included with the Visual Studio. This is another addition to the long list of excellent books by Wrox publishing. This might be the only book you'll need to develop database application.

Good overall/recap of VB and data access, June 2, 2000
Reviewer: Maxime Bombardier from Montreal, Canada
If you are looking to get overall information about how to use databases with Visual Basic 6, go for it. If you already have experience on working with VB for n-tier applications and knows ADO pretty well, look elsewhere.

This book covers a great deal of material, thus going over some details of them. This book is good for beginners to intermediate people that wants to have quick solutions.

For the others, for example, if you are looking for a better implementation of n-tier or to pass data between components; you will have some information in this book but I would suggest the Visual Basic 6 Business Objects and VB6 Distributed Objects, both from Wrox, to get a full coverage on the subject.

Overall, this book is good for VB/Data starters.

Excellent programming by example guide, June 19, 2001
Reviewer: from Orlando, FL, USA
This book is excellent for experienced programmers looking for a "how to guide". The examples follow a logical flow and are explained in detail. Experienced programmers will find this an excellent guide in translating their functional understanding of another programming language into the functions available in VB6. I especially like the way that the author offers more than one way to accomplish the same task. Database application programmers could not ask for a better program by example guide then this book. I have purchased several books on VB6 and have been disappointed with the layout, explanations, or scope. This book is exactly as advertised. This is truly a programmer to programmer book.

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