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Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming

Title Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming
Author John Connell
Publisher   Wrox Press, Inc.


This book covers all of the new and improved data-access features of Visual Basic 6 (VB6) and illustrates how to put the various components and techniques to work in real-world applications. The first chapter spells out the concepts of databases in general and then introduces the reader to the Data Control and the VB Data Form Wizard--a quick way to snap together a database interface. From there, author John Connell spends a few chapters illustrating how to code the data control and build a "bulletproof" user interface to your data.

After a discussion about planning your database structure, Connell steps you through the process of building a fully functional application that uses many important VB features. The chapters include screen shots, diagrams, and code snippets, with plenty of tips and step-by-step exercises. You can download the source code for the included examples from the publisher's Web site.

Once you have the preliminary education under your belt, the author presents Microsoft's Universal Data Access (UDA) architecture. He shows how to create your own data-bound ActiveX controls and use Active Server Pages (ASPs) to fetch and return database records via a Web browser. Connell finishes off this lengthy education with a brief foray into data mining and a discussion of how to export data to other applications. --Stephen Plain

Customer Reviews:

Solid, real world blocking and tackling, October 11, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Peoria, Illinois USA
I agree with the other reviewers - Mr. Connell's book is not only easy, but fun to read. Like an expert craftsman, he is able to make the complicated seem easy. The database normalization, use of controls, building dbs from scratch, using ADO, cookies, ASP, the internet, bullet-proof UIs, and expert tips were wonderful. On top of that - near the end when the reader is ready he illustrates how to build a working 'expert system' using the database provided by MS. I never realized that you could analyze data so completely with so little effort. I believe that I learned more from this single book than the last fifteen or so I have read. For what it's worth, as a professional software developer - I recommend this book.

great book...old school techniques, October 1, 2000
Reviewer: dunkonu from Bowling Green, KY USA
Don't get me wrong..this was a great book. I actually finished it faster than all my other books due to its readability. I do have a few critical things to say about it though. My number one problem with it was that it is mostly a book about DAO. It doesn't even start with ADO until chapter 11. So, I couldn't use any of the cool DAO stuff with any of my Access 2000 databases or with SQL. That can mostly be blamed on Microsoft though. Other than that, it is an awesome book because it teaches you how to use so many different things as far as designing the user interface is concerned. The only additional problem I seen was the way it jumped from a simple GUI to some advanced coding techniques within a matter of one chapter. Guys like me could have used one more chapter to get up to speed. Final analysis: Buy this book! It is worth the money for the reusable code alone and the help on using the treeview control and many others. A sure winner!

Must Have for all Starters, February 16, 2001
Reviewer: rhamilt from Tracy, CA USA
I have read a ton of technical "how to" books. This guide is one of the best! Very logical sequence, great hands on learning tool, a must for every VB starter. I am teaching a beginning VB and DB class and I am going to make every effor to switch to this text. Very Well done!

better for beginners, February 5, 2001
Reviewer: deborahb from florida

I found this book boring. The only reason I bought this book because it was needed for a college class. In my opinion, it just touches the bare necessities of database access. If you're a beginner this book could be perfect, otherwise, I would suggest something else

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