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Visual Basic 6 from the Ground Up

Title Visual Basic 6 from the Ground Up
Author Gary Cornell
Publisher   McGraw-Hill Companies, The


Recipient of the Reader's Choice Award from Visual Basic Programmer's Journal. Gary Cornell is one of the highest-profile authors--key Microsoft insider who's gained industry respect. Support of Visual Studio 6 team with technical review of book. Enables readers to produce commercial-quality programs for practical application. Section devoted to programming concepts for true novice, as well as content aimed towards more advanced programming tasks. Goes beyond competition with extensive coverage on building your own objects, custom controls, recursion, distributing commercial programs. Covers features built into both the Professional and Enterprise editions of Visual Basic.

A novice can evolve into a pro with this book, which enables readers to produce commercial-quality programs for practical application. Covering features built into both the Professional and Enterprise editions of Visual Basic, Cornell goes beyond competition with extensive coverage on building users' own objects, custom controls, recursion, and distributing commercial programs

Customer Reviews: 

Absolutely the Best Learn VB Book Out There, October 7, 1999
Reviewer:Laszlo Szijarto ( from Cleveland, OH
Employs a wonderful progressive teaching style, wherein one chapter builds logically upon the next. Uses plain English to describe new concepts and doesn't assume too much. Reviewers who can't follow the book may just have to admit they don't have much of an aptitude for programming and seek another discipline to pursue. I picked this book up as a novice and am now working profesionally as a Visual Basic Programmer. Thank you for a wonderful book!!! When I say it's the best Learn VB book out there, that's coming from someone who knows. I've gone through a half dozen and either they're so basic that you never get anywhere or else they assume so much and leave so many gaps that you're lost. This book finds the golden mean par excellence. PS -- I don't know and have never met the author.

Not a beginner's book,
April 1, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Iowa, USA
A word of caution...this is not a beginner's book. The title is misleading in that it sounds as though one can simply pick up this book and "presto" learn VB6. I found this an excellent SECOND VB6 book. I am not a programmer by trade but nonetheless hold several advanced degrees...i.e., I not THAT stupid!. I found the first 200 pages to be easy to follow and very helpful. After this, however, I quickly was lost. Cornell doesn't supply enough examples of when you might use a programming technique. At times the book simply supplies a laundry list of items..i.e., "intrinsic functions", etc. Many other topics are covered in rather vague terms (at least for the beginner). The chapter on databases discusses only DAO, a soon-to-be obsolete technology, instead of ADO. On the positive side, once I learned a bit more VB6 (I read Peter Wright's "Beginning Visual Basic 6.0"), Cornell's book actually became helpful. If one has a reasonable grasp of VB, then the author provides some valuable programming tips, etc. Thus, if already have some experience with VB or another programming language, this is a reasonable book. If you are truly a NOVICE, however, I'd recommend you spend your money elsewhere.

How many errors could possibly be in one book., December 18, 2000
Reviewer: Tim Bydlik from Monroe, NY USA
I'm almost completed with this book and although it helped me in learning VB I am disgusted with the amount of errors and typos in this book. The website of the publisher claims to post the errors. I went there and found two corrections while there should have been an entire web page to list all of them. Gary Cornell needs to go back to grammer school and learn how to proof read. Computer books are not cheap and while some errors are acceptable this is a disgrace.

Really needs proofreading, not a beginner's book !,
October 29, 2000
Reviewer: riggs After buying the book and spending a lot of time reading,I only picked up some little ideas, alhough I'm not a novice programmer and have been using visual basic 6 occasionally, I find this book un-appealing. Some pages are distorted with icons appearing which makes the page unreadable. The binding is poor, the pages and the book in general is too bulky, and focuses much on graphics object. The book discusses some note on database programming, but it failed to highlight the most important parts like ADO and multiple table joins. If you really need to have a book for self-studying and have lots of money to spend, I suggest you buy Sam's Teach yourself visual basic 6 in 21 days to get your money's worth. Gary Cornell failed to lay out the foundations of Visual Basic to some novice programmers like my friends. I should know because I've been monitoring their progress.

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