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Visual Basic Tips and Tricks

Files And Disks
Check If Path Is Writeable
Find The Program That Associated With Certain File
Associate a File Extension with Your Application
List The Content of Files Compressed with WinZip/ARJ
Drag Files From Windows To A Form And Get Their Full Path
Change Drive/Disk Label
Generate Temporary Files
Encode/Decode File Using Password
Check If Two Files Are Identical
Check If Directory Exist
Check If File Exist
Create New Directory
Create Nested Directory
Remove Directory
Delete Directory And All Its Content
Copy File
Copy File With Windows Animation
Move File
Delete File
Delete File To Recycle Bin
Launch File With His Associate Program
Format Floppy Disk
Copy Disk To Disk
Open/Close CD Drive
Detect The Type Of Drive
Check Which Drive Is The CD Drive
Detect If CD/Floppy Disk Is In The Drive
Insert Line To File (Like Autoexec.bat)
Get Disk Capacity, Free And Used Space
Find File
Find Files (Advanced)
Find Files Via API (Advanced)
Get MP3 File Tag Info
Get Directory Size
Find The Number Of Files In Directory
Get Floppy Disk/CD/Hard Drive Serial Number
Convert Long File Names To Short File Names
Launch File's Property Dialog
Load File To Text Box
Load File To List Box
Load GIF/JPG File From Resource File
Strip File Name From Full Path
Strip File Extension From Full Path
Save And Load Data From INI Files
Put Drives, Directories And Files In One List Box
Synchronize Drive, Dir And File List Boxes
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