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Visual Basic Tips and Tricks

Retrieve The Length Of WAV, AVI And MIDI Files
Detect If The Sound Card Can Play Sound Files
Play MP3 Files Using Windows Media Player
Play WAV File
Play AVI File
Play AVI File In PictureBox
Play MIDI File
Make A CD Player
Files And Disks
Check If Path Is Writeable
Find The Program That Associated With Certain File
Associate a File Extension with Your Application
List The Content of Files Compressed with WinZip/ARJ
Drag Files From Windows To A Form And Get Their Full Path
Change Drive/Disk Label
Generate Temporary Files
Encode/Decode File Using Password
Check If Two Files Are Identical
Check If Directory Exist
Check If File Exist
Create New Directory
Create Nested Directory
Remove Directory
Delete Directory And All Its Content
Copy File
Copy File With Windows Animation
Move File
Delete File
Delete File To Recycle Bin
Launch File With His Associate Program
Format Floppy Disk
Copy Disk To Disk
Open/Close CD Drive
Detect The Type Of Drive
Check Which Drive Is The CD Drive
Detect If CD/Floppy Disk Is In The Drive
Insert Line To File (Like Autoexec.bat)
Get Disk Capacity, Free And Used Space
Find File
Find Files (Advanced)
Find Files Via API (Advanced)
Get MP3 File Tag Info
Get Directory Size
Find The Number Of Files In Directory
Get Floppy Disk/CD/Hard Drive Serial Number
Convert Long File Names To Short File Names
Launch File's Property Dialog
Load File To Text Box
Load File To List Box
Load GIF/JPG File From Resource File
Strip File Name From Full Path
Strip File Extension From Full Path
Save And Load Data From INI Files
Put Drives, Directories And Files In One List Box
Synchronize Drive, Dir And File List Boxes
Make Controls And Forms With Your Own Custom Shape
Set The ShowInTaskBar Property At Runtime
Maximize Form To Cover All The Screen
Make Transparent Forms
Center Caption On Form Title Bar
Create Templates From Existing Forms
Make A Form That The User Can Not Move
Prevent Form From Being Unloaded
Disable the Form's X Button
Add A Minimize Button To Form That Has Fixed Border
Flash Title Bar
Make Your Form Be Top Most
Hide And Show Title Bar At Run-Time
Move Form Without A Title Bar
Make Your Own Custom Title Bar
Make A Gradient Title Bar
Unload All Running Forms
Detect If Form Is Already Loaded
Align Form To The Left/Center/Right
Confine Form To Another Form
Make 3D Forms
Make Gradient Forms
Make Gradient Forms (Using API)
Disable All Forms Till The Form Will Be Closed
Create Form With 'Don't Show This Message Again'
Make A Preferences Form (Like In ICQ)
Set Form Location And Size At Run-Time
Make Form Explode/Implode Effect
Hide Your Program From The Ctrl-Alt-Del Process List
Change The Priority Of Any Running Process
Get Screen Resolution
Get Screen Resolution Via API
Change Screen Resolution
Get Windows Color Depth
Hide/Show Task Bar
Get Task Bar Info
Save And Load Data From The Registry
Save And Load Data From The Registry (Advanced)
Open Windows Dialogs
Launch Control Panel Extensions
Insert Document Into Recent Documents Menu
Clear Recent Documents Menu
Press The Start Button
Open 'Browse For Folder' Dialog
Get Computer's Name
Turn Screen Saver On
Activate/Deactivate Screen Saver
Change Windows Registered Name
Reboot/Shutdown Windows
Get Windows Version
Get Windows Directory
Get Windows System Directory
Get Windows Temporary Directory
Get The Desktop Path
Determine Windows StartUp Mode
Determine How Much Time Windows Is Running
Minimize All Windows
Hide And Show Desktop Icons
Change WallPaper
Get Caption And Thread ID Of The Window Under The Cursor
Change Other Window's Caption
Launch Folder Window (Like If you've clicked on it via Windows)
Launch Windows Explorer With Specific Directory
Mouse And Keyboard
Allow The User To Press Unlimited Number Of Keys At The Same Time
Check For Language Layout Change
Check If Mouse Exist
Disable The Keyboard Until Reboot
Disable The Mouse Until Reboot
Enable And Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del
Use Animated Cursors
Detect If Caps Lock/Num Lock Is On
Press Caps Lock/Num Lock Button
Hide/Show Mouse Cursor
Get The Number Of Mouse Buttons
Swap Mouse Buttons
Get Mouse Double Click Time
Set Mouse Double Click Time
Set Mouse Cursor Position
Get Cursor X And Y Coordinates
Move Cursor To The Control That Has Focus
Limit Cursor Movement To Form Boundaries
Get Keyboard Repeat Rate
Get Keyboard Repeat Delay
Get Caret Flash Speed
Get The Type Of The Keyboard
Make Enter Key Act Like TAB Key
Text Boxes
Set The Text Box Cursor Position
Undo The Last User Action In Text Box
Force The User To Enter Valid Value In Text Box
Add A New Line To Existing Text Box Text
Mark All Characters In Text Box
Move To The Next Text Box When Enter Pressed
Clear All Text Boxes In A Form
Check How Many Lines In Text Box
Get Text Box Current Line
Allow Only LowerCase Letters In Text Box
Allow Only UpperCase Letters In Text Box
Allow Only Numbers In Text Box
Ignore Specific Characters In Text Box
Disable Beep When User Press Enter In Text Box
Make A Resizeable Text Box
Change The Caret Of A Text Box
Hide And Show Text Box Caret
Set Text Box Right And Left Margins
Combo Boxes
Sort Numbered Items In List Box/Combo Box
Drop Down The ComboBox List
Set ComboBox DropDown List Height
Set ComboBox DropDown List Width
Add Check Box To Combo Box
Add Combo Box To ToolBar
Make A Quick Search Combo Box
Determine The Number Of Rows In Combo Box
List Boxes
Move Multiple Items From One List Box To Other List Box/Combo Box
Sort Numbered Items In List Box/Combo Box
Detect On Which Item The Mouse Hover On List Box
Select All Items In List Box
Quick Select\UnSelect All Items In List Box
Add Horizonal Scroll Bar To List Box
Select Items In List Box With Right Mouse Button
Scan List Box For The Text In Text Box
Drag\Move Items From One List Box To Another
Copy List Box Content To Another List Box\Combo Box
Make Editable List Box
Command Buttons
Make A Toggle Button
Make An Hover Button
Press On Button That Found On Other Form
Visually Press Command Button Through Code
Align Caption On Command Button
Set Command Button's Caption Color
Rich Text Box
Print RichTextBox
Paste Picture From PictureBox/Clipboard to Rich Text Box
Get The Currently Selected Text In Rich Text Box
Add Horizonal Scroll Bar To Rich Text Box
Detect On Which Word The Mouse Hover In Rich Text Box
Make An Animated Gradient Label
Make 3D Text In Label
Implement Drag and Drop in TreeView Control
Copy The Content Of One Tree View To Another
Set ListView Text Background Color
Autosizing ListView Headers
Select Entire Row In ListView
Scrolling For ListView Selected Item
Implement MouseDown/DoubleClick Events For Controls Without It
Access Property Value Of Control That Found On Other Form
Make Controls And Forms With Your Own Custom Shape
Avoid The Scroll Bar Blinking
Access Controls By Their Names As Text Strings
Set Option Button And Check Box Style Property At Runtime
Make Your Own 3D Button
Add Controls At Run-Time
Center Control On Form
Make A Percentage Progress Bar
Allow Controls To Move
Make 3D Controls
Make Circular Controls/Forms
Controlling Common Dialog Location
Enable And Disable All Controls in A Frame
Make A Resizer Bar Between Two Controls
Get All Installed Mail Applications
Get The Last Modified Date Of A Web Page
Run Internet Explorer And Have The Events Return To Your Program
See what URL Internet Explorer/Netscape is displaying
Make An Internet Browser
Create Internet Shortcut On Desktop
Launch URL With Default Browser
Connect To The Internet
Connect To The Internet (Advanced)
Disconnect From The Internet
Check If The Computer Is Connected To The Internet
Send E-mail
Get Machine IP Address
View HTML Source
Add Bookmark To User Favorite Folder
Download File From The Internet
Change Internet Explorer Start Page And Main Window Title
Add New Menu Item To The Form's Sytem Menu
Convert Menu 'V' Checkmark To Circle
Put Split Line In Menu
Add PopUp Menu To Treeview
Put Bitmaps On Menu
Align Menu To Right
Add Pop Up Menu To Text Box
Disable Text Box Pop Up Menu
Add 3D Line Under The Menu
Make A Pop Up Color Selector
Export BMP File To Icon File
Get Image Dimensions
Draw A Dotted Selection Box
Drag Picture File To Picture Box And Display The Picture
Get Pixel Color Outside Your Form
Select Portion Of A Picture And Paste It To Picture Box
Display Animated GIF
Capture Screen Image
Draw WallPaper On Form/PictureBox
Extract Icon From File
Extract Associated Icon From EXE File
Draw Arc
Draw A Chord (Closed Arc)
Draw Straight And Rounded Polygon
Paint Separate Areas of Picture
Change Color Of Pixel In PictureBox
Stretch PictureBox
Draw 3D Text On Form
Draw 3D Gradient Text On Form
Draw Arched Text
Draw Hollow Text
Draw Rainbow Text In PictureBox/Form
Draw Rotated Text Directly On Screen
Make Text Animation
Copy And Paste Picture Using The Clipboard
Add Picture To PictureBox At Run-Time
Remove Picture From PictureBox At Run-Time
Imitate "Curves And Colors" Screen Saver
Make A Spinning Picture
Replace One Color With Another Color In Picture Box
Make 3D Rotating Cube
Move 3D Cube On Form
Get BMP and RLE Files Info
Ask For Confirmation Before Exit Progarm
Make An HotKey For Your Application
Add Command Line Options To Your Application
Allow Only 1 Instance Of Your Program
Allow Only 1 Instance Of Your Program (And Activate Previous Instance)
Launch Program And Wait Till It End
Run Your Program At Startup (With No ShortCut At Startup Folder)
Crash Program (Way 1)
Crash Program (Way 2)
Math And Functions
Calculating ArcSin and ArcCos
Evaluate Mathematical Expressions Passed As A String
Generate Random Numbers
Calculate The Square Root Of A Number
Round Numbers
Get The RGB Value Of A Color
Convert RGB Value To Long
Convert Hexadecimal Number To Decimal Number
Convert Decimal Number To Hexadecimal Number
Convert Decimal Number To Binary Number
Convert Binary Number To Decimal Number
Count The Number Of Digits In A Number
Browse And Preview Installed Fonts
Add New Font Temporary
Check Windows Font Size
Check The Type Of Character
Check If String Is Valid Email Address
Implement Find And Replace All (VB 6.0 And Above)
Implement Find And Replace All
Get The Width Of A String
Count The Number Of Substrings Within A String
Parse String Using A Specific Delimiter
Convert String To Uppercase
Convert String To Lowercase
Get The Length Of A String
Remove Leading And Trailing Spaces From A String
Check String For Invalid Characters
Encrypt And Decrypt Strings
Print Text
Print Text In Specific Position
Print Text With Specific Alignment
Set The Printer Font
Print Line
Print Picture
Print Rotated Text
Print RichTextBox
Print Form
Print MS Access Report
Print Test Page
Print File
Get Default Printer Name
Check If A Printer Is Installed
Print MS Access Report
"Unrecognized Database Format" Error Message
Compact An Access Database From VB
Set A Password For An Access Database
Change An Access Database Password
Export Database To HTML File (DAO)
List All The Tables In Database (DAO)
Register/Unregister ActiveX Controls Using Regsvr32.exe
Register/Unregister ActiveX Controls Using Code
Launching Files In Dos Environment
Pass String To Dos Environment
Get All Dos Environment Variables
Time And Date
Make A Timer
Make A Timer (Backward)
Find The Last Day Of The Month
Check If Year Is A Leap Year
Calculate The Elapsed Time Between Two Dates
Get Bios Date
Determine Current Date And Time
Microsoft Office
Use MS Word Spell Checker To Check Spelling In Your Program
Get Data From Excel Worksheet
Create MS Word Document From Your Program
Create An Excel File From Your Program
Check Which Office Components Are Installed
Pass Variables Between Forms
Get The Name Of The File System (e.g. FAT)
Include An '&' On Control Caption
Set Default Value In Subs/Functions
Visible Cues From A Minimized Form
Keep Your Background Processes Running When Displaying Message Box
Make An Autorun CD-Rom
Pause Program
Copy And Paste Text Using The Clipboard
Get Useful User's Local Information
Check Which Programs Are Currently Running
Get Amount Of Free And Used Memory
Save An Error Log File
Check If Credit Card Number Is Valid
Determine The Type Of Credit Card
Determine If The User Pressed Cancel On InputBox
Add Icon To The Sys Tray
Make Scrolling Credits
Self Closing Message Box
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